Dec 27, 2023

BISE Festival | Check out the 2024 line-up!

On Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th January 2024, BISE Festival will be returning for a fourth edition, with 25 artists set to perform in Nantes!

As it does every year, the festival in western France will shine a light on emerging artists from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, including pop, hip-hop, electro and rock.

The event is open both to the general public and to professionals, giving music fans of all kinds a place to meet each other and to check out new talent, while it is organised by VADYM, an association comprised of entities such as À Gauche de la Lune, Bleu Citron, Daydream Music, Mélodyn Productions and Yotanka Records. The initiative is also carried out in conjunction with Nantes-based venues Stereolux and Trempo as well as running alongside the Biennales Internationales du Spectacle.

At the 2024 edition of BISE Festival, you’ll get to listen to Ago GazoAugustaBon Enfant, ColtCosmopaark, DinaaDITTERÉNAÉHyper Jacuzzi, IPNDEGOJenysJoanne RadaoKLONLa ValentinaLovermanMakoto SanMALVINAMaraboutageMIMOSANathalie FroehlichNoorRandyRobert RobertSurprise and VISCERAL, all of whom you can check out on the event’s official Spotify playlist.

While you’re here, why not also listen to our selection of songs by artists who performed at last year’s festival?


BISE Festival 2024

Discover a selection of songs from the artists that will be performing at the BISE. Listen now