Voyou | Le confort

On ‘Le Confort’, Voyou uses breezy, pop sounds to tell the story of the end of a relationship, where all the passion has been extinguished by the daily grind, but which is difficult to leave because it’s comfortable.



Thibaud Vanhooland, better known as Voyou, is a French singer-songwriter. He plays several instruments and was bassist in a number of bands before taking a chance on a solo career. Breaking out with the track “Seul sur ton tandem” (2018), he released a debut album in 2019 – “Les bruits de la ville” – which was inspired by Nantes, where he grew up, Paris, where he lives, and Lille, where he was born. In 2021 he released the album “Chroniques terrestres vol.1”, which put the instrument he learned growing up – the trumpet – at the centre of his compositions.

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