Clara Luciani | Les Fleurs

‘While writing this song, I had in mind a compliment in the movie ‘The Great Gatbsy’ comparing a person to a perfect rose. One day, as I was feeling down, I stared at a bouquet of flowers and I started to envy them, as we humans, we are sometimes so tormented.’ Clara Luciani


After the phenomenal success of “Sainte-Victoire”, praised by the critics and earning her two awards at the Victoires de la Musique ('Best Live Newcomer' in 2019 and 'Female Artist' in 2020), Clara Luciani released her album Cœur in June 2021. This album is decidedly danceable, chic and funky. In order to produce this ambitious album and to leave nothing to chance, she gathered around her an unusual but highly competent group of high-flying artists, both musicians and brilliant producers: Sage, Breakbot and Pierrick Devin. During this dull and difficult year, Clara developed the fierce will to make her new album an ode to the return to normalcy, to the end of lockdown, to human warmth and hedonism in order to triumph over the gloomy context. She particularly wanted to involve her closest friends in the recording of this album, by welcoming them to the studio.

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