Alors on chante !

Apprenez le français en chantant

The Institut Français and the Centre national de la musique have teamed up to create and promote the ‘Alors on chante!’ programme, aimed at the French cultural network abroad.

The ‘Alors on chante!’ programme contains suggestions for raising awareness of Francophone music through the network, as well as teaching materials to support the use of music in francophone teaching abroad.

The latest resources from What The France
stromae_B2 Stromae | Santé With ‘Santé’, Stromae gives a vibrant toast to the working people who do the jobs that are often uncelebrated but keep our world ... angele_A1 Angèle | Bruxelles je t’aime Angèle shares her love for Brussels through her latest song ‘Bruxelles je t’aime’. The song paints the singer’s sadness... grand_corps_C1 Grand Corps Malade | Pendant 24h ‘Pendant 24h’ is Grand Corps Malade‘s tribute to the struggles women face on a daily basis throughout their lives. boulevard_B1 Boulevard des Airs | Mamie ‘Mamie’ by Boulevard des Airs reflects the fleeting nature of life and the bonds we make with our family and those close to us. ... luciani_A2 Clara Luciani | Le reste ‘Le reste’ is a song Clara Luciani wrote and composed as a strong and modern woman who is not afraid to express her desires. The ... leonid_petite_soeur_B1 Leonid | P’tite sœur ‘P’tite soeur’ is an ode to fraternal and unconditional friendship, in duet with the luminous Djazia Satour. arthurh_A2 Arthur H | La Boxeuse Amoureuse ‘La Boxeuse Amoureuse’ is inspired by the story of his mother Nicole Courtois, who has been a figure of resistance and freedom for ... gael_B2 Gaël Faye | Petit Pays In the song ‘Petit Pays’, Gael Faye addresses Burundi to express both his love for his native land and his grief of the political ... lomepal_B1 Lomepal | Trop beau ‘Trop beau’ is a nostalgic song about heartbreak and impossible love. In it, Lomepal reflects on toxic relationships that entrap two... fils_cara_B1 Fils Cara | Nanna ‘Nanna is the story of a cosmic meeting, between two human beings who seem to be attracted to each other like a satellite and a planet. ... imperatrice_a2 L’Impératrice | Agitations Tropicales The second stage of L’Impératrice’s Odyssey, ‘Agitations Tropicales’ transports us further into the band’s quirky... juniore_A2 Juniore | Christine The ‘yéyé noir’ of Juniore has always been rooted in the cinematic as much as the musical. The Paris outfit feels as intertwined ... elisa_a1 Elisa Erka | Corps Météo ‘Corps Météo’ is a declaration of love to one another. The song is the second track of an EP that describes the evolution of a ... ou_va_le_monde_B1 La Femme | Où va le monde ‘Où va le monde’ is a 60’s surf influenced track mixed with yéyé vocals and operatic backing vocals that reminds of Ennio ... pascal_A2 Pascal Parisot | Mes parents sont bio ‘Mes parents sont bio’ is one of the 14 songs included in the book-disc Les pieds dans le plat which sketches the world of food with... CL1215_©Alice_Moitié Clara Luciani | Les Fleurs ‘While writing this song, I had in mind a compliment in the movie ‘The Great Gatbsy’ comparing a person to a perfect rose. One ... 2019-05-Pomme-Press-EmmaCORTIJO-6 Pomme | Les séquoias ‘Les séquoias’ is a ‘fuzzy song’ as Pomme describes it. ‘The song was just talking about some vague thing, the ...