Louane | Secret

In “Secret“, Louane confides in her daughter about the fears and worries she feels about seeing her grow up.


Anne Peichert, known as Louane, is a French singer, musician, and actress born in 1996. She gained attention in 2013 on the TV show "The Voice: la plus belle voix" and achieved greater fame in 2014 with her role in the film "La famille Bélier," for which she won the César Award for Most Promising Actress in 2015. Her debut album, "Chambre 12," released in 2015, was the best-selling French album of the year and won the Victoire award for Album Revelation of the Year in 2016. This was followed by the albums "Louane" in 2017, "Joie de vivre" in 2020, and "Sentiments" in 2022. The song "Secret," dedicated to her daughter Esmée, is from this latest album.

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