Suzane | Quatre coins du globe

The song ‘Quatre coins du globe’ describes the frustration that we feel when we log onto social media. On the track, Suzane explains the difference that exists between an Instagram blogger’s fantasy life and most people’s real lives, taking listeners on a rather angry trip around the world with a melodic electro chorus.

About the artist

Suzane, whose real name is Océane Colom, is a French singer born in 1990. From a very young age, she began studying music and singing at the Conservatoire du Grand Avignon before working her way into the club and electro scene following her move to Paris in 2014. The artist’s lyrics are politically engaged and militant; on her track ‘Il est où le SAV ?’ (‘Where’s the customer service?’), she speaks out about the climate crisis – a position driven home by the song’s music video, which was filmed at one of the world’s biggest open-air landfills. At the 2020 Victoires de la Musique, the singer won the Prix de la révélation scène, an award reserved for that year’s biggest live breakthrough act.

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