Feb 05, 2020

Acid Arab | World tour

The ‘Made in France’ electronic band Acid Arab will be passing through Germany, Spain, Poland and Finland, and even hitting South America in March. They’re touring in support of new album Jdid, released in October 2019.

Jdid (which means ‘new’ in Arabic), has a rather different flavour compared to its predecessor, marrying sounds from the north and south of the Mediterranean Sea. They are joined on it by a host of guests including Radia Menel, Sofiane Saidi, Amel Wahby and Cem Yildiz, as well as keyboard player Rizan Said.

WTF—Cover-Collab_ Guido Minisky

A Made In France Selection By Acid Arab

Enjoy a selection of made in France tracks handpicked by Guido Minisky from Acid Arab ! Listen now
Acid Arab - Electronic Mar 11, 2020
Tribal Gathering Panamá, Panamá
Acid Arab - Electronic Mar 13, 2020
Galera Mexico, Mexico
Acid Arab - Electronic Mar 14, 2020
Kin Kin Club Guadalajara, Mexico
Acid Arab - Electronic May 22, 2020
Gretchen Berlin, Germany
Acid Arab - Electronic Jun 05, 2020 → Jun 06, 2020
Kesärauha Turku, Finland
Acid Arab - Electronic Jun 11, 2020 → Jun 14, 2020
Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice Katowice, Poland
Acid Arab - Electronic Jul 09, 2020 → Jul 11, 2020
Bilbao BBK Live Bilbao, Spain