Release ballake sissoko colors show Ballaké Sissoko | Premiere of ‘Nan Sira Madi’ on COLORS Malian virtuoso of the kora Ballaké Sissoko, signed to French label No Format!, was recently invited on to the COLORS stage to present his ... Event global_what_the_france Global Music Match | Three ‘Made in France’ Acts Bel Air de Forro, Brieg Guerveno and ‘Ndiaz are the names of the three ‘Made in France’ acts taking part in the Global Music ... Event ANITTA + DADJU Anitta et Dadju l European tour and new track ‘Mon Soleil’ ‘Mon Soleil’, the new track from Anitta and Dadju is a guaranteed summer hit. Dadju, the brother of rapper Gims, has invited ... Release angelique_kidjo_what_the_france Angélique Kidjo | New album ‘Mother Nature’ On 18th June, Angélique Kidjo is releasing her new album Mother Nature, an album that is politically and socially engaged and which pays ... Release awori_twani_what_the_france Awori & Twani | New album ‘Ranavalona’ Ranavalona is the fruit of a collaboration between Ugandan rapper Awori and French multi-instrumentalist and producer Twani. It’s an album... Event global_toronto_what_the_france Labess | Showcase live at Global Toronto 2021 Music conference Global Toronto (14th to 18th June) has invited the group Labess, led by Nedjim Bouizzoul and signed to Tartine Production, to ... Release pat_kalla_le_super_mojo_what_the_france Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo | Afro tropical album ‘Hymne à la vie’ Today (28th May) sees the release of the second album by singer Pat Kalla and his group Le Super Mojo, Hymne à la vie, which is out on the ... Release noemi_waysfeld_what_the_france Noëmi Waysfeld | ‘Soul of Yiddish’, an ode to Yiddish music Singer and poet Noëmi Waysfeld has released her new album Soul of Yiddish.  Born in Paris in 1984, she was exposed to classical music, jazz and... Release christine_salem_what_the_france Christine Salem | New album ‘Mersi’ The much-anticipated new album from Christine Salem, Mersi is out now. It’s an incredibly diverse work that combines influences from blues,... Release Piers Faccini 1 hoch Photo Credit Julien Mignot Piers Faccini | New album ‘Shapes Of The Fall’ English singer-songwriter Piers Faccini has released his album Shapes of the Fall on French label Nø Førmat!.