Release ncy_milky_band2_what_the_france NCY Milky Band | New album ‘Burn’in’ French group NCY Milky Band have released their debut album Burn’in, which oscillates between jazz, hip-hop and subtle electronic touches, ... Event TGE The Great Escape | Made in France acts announced As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Great Escape festival – one of Europe’s leading showcase events for emerging artists ... Release joao_selva_what_the_france (1) João Selva | New Album ‘Navegar’ The second solo album from João Selva, Navegar, out now, is a real love letter to creole culture and Tropicalism. Release charlespasi_what_the_france Charles Pasi | New album ‘Zebra’ With 2017’s Bricks, his first album on Blue Note and one filled with jazz/blues/pop gems, Frenchman Charles Pasi had his breakthrough ... Release Urban-Village-Udondolo-Albumcover Urban Village | Debut album in January Udondolo is the name of the debut album by a group of four musicians called Urban Village, and is out on 22nd January on French label Nø ... Event Unknown Un soir au club | Online shows from 30/11 to 18/12 Every year TSFJAZZ & ADAMI, supported by Sacem, invite you to the Salle Pleyel venue in Paris for a special event. This year you can discover... Event LJF ‘Made in France’ acts at EFG London Jazz Festival 2020 The EFG London Jazz Festival 2020, the largest festival of its kind in Europe, is bringing together exclusive live concerts, a digital platform ... Release Photo presse IBRAHIM_MAALOUF©YANN_ORHAN Ibrahim Maalouf | New album ’40 Mélodies’! For his 40th birthday, musician and composer Ibrahim Maalouf has released his 12th studio album, called… 40 Mélodies. Release aya_nakamura_what_the_france 9.10. 2020 – Friday releases! Fill your ears with the new music on our ‘Latest Releases’ playlist! Every Friday, What The France offers up a selection of the ... Event Peirani_Parisien_1_(C)_JP_Retel Vincent Peirani and Emile Parisien on tour The duo of accordionist Vincent Peirani and soprano saxophonist Emile Parisien are on tour to promote their album Abrazo, released in August.