Video kidfrancescoli-thumbnail-what-the-france Kid Francescoli | American Way of Live In this second episode of ‘American Way of Live’, What the France invites you on a walk with French artist Kid Francescoli. The ... Event FKJ_thumbnail_what_the_france (1) FKJ | An intercontinental tour! “New French house” artist and multi-instrumentalist FKJ last week announced via social media that he would be setting off on tour. ... Event david walters-thumbnail David Walters | A tour of Europe and Canada! After playing at Paris’s La Cigale in May, David Walters’s tour continues with dates in England, Canada and Germany as he showcases his ... Competition FUNKINDUSTRY IN JAPAN (1) Funkindustry | New EP & Japan Tour – Win Tickets! Funkindustry is about to embark on their first Japan tour to celebrate the release of their new EP Midnight City Lovers including collaborations... Curator australia_radioshow_thumbnail (8) WTF Radio | Episode 11 – Special Guest Deluxe Always wanted to hear some fresh ‘Made in France’ tunes and interviews of French artists but in English? Well, It’s all happening! ... Release Diogo Strausz © Tanguy Ginter 6 Diogo Strausz | Latest single ‘Flight Of The Sagittarius’! Diogo Strausz is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, he quickly demonstrated a talent for ... Competition Cover_LWATP_No_Sticker_3000x3000 Lilly Wood & The Prick | October Featured Artist and Giveaway Robin Schulz’s remix of their track Prayer in C put them on top of the charts around the world. Seven years later, the band Lilly Wood ... Event ANITTA + DADJU Anitta et Dadju l European tour and new track ‘Mon Soleil’ ‘Mon Soleil’, the new track from Anitta and Dadju is a guaranteed summer hit. Dadju, the brother of rapper Gims, has invited ... Release pat_kalla_le_super_mojo_what_the_france Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo | Afro tropical album ‘Hymne à la vie’ Today (28th May) sees the release of the second album by singer Pat Kalla and his group Le Super Mojo, Hymne à la vie, which is out on the ... Release joao_selva_what_the_france (1) João Selva | New Album ‘Navegar’ The second solo album from João Selva, Navegar, out now, is a real love letter to creole culture and Tropicalism.