Jul 24, 2023

Agar Agar | European and US concerts ahead!

There we go – we can save our progress, turn off the console and sleep soundly, as Agar Agar have unveiled the dates of their upcoming concerts, which will take them to Poland, the Netherlands and North America among other locations.

Ever since their creation in 2016, the duo that make up Agar Agar have been leading us into their 1980s-style world. The Parisian electro-pop group is built on a mix of Clara Cappagli’s voice and Armand Bultheel’s 8-bit acid bass, with which they invite us to explore their style in a variety of ways.

Agar Agar © Cracki Records

Agar Agar’s debut album

When you’re loading up Agar Agar‘s back catalogue, it’s initially hard to know what to expect. You see an extremely colourful cartridge from 2016 entitled Cardan, and it turns out to be their debut album. As though we were choosing which route to take at the start of our journey through their music, the pair give us a choice between “dark” and “romantic” songs. With our quest now underway, we’re immediately plunged into a retro atmosphere, as though we were at the crossroads of styles that sound utterly surreal in the modern era but would have been perfectly at home in the ’80s. The duo’s debut effort most notably features the single ‘Prettiest Virgin’, which is arguably their first big hit.

A recognisable style

The band’s second instalment came in 2018, as they invited us on another adventure, this time much more psychedelic, on The Dog and the Future. Still accompanied by a synth-pop sound taken straight from the ’80s, Agar Agar again immersed us in a hypnotic, pixellated universe.

Finally, in 2023, the duo unveiled concept album Player Non Player, on which we find hazy synths depicting a virtual, fantasy world made up of vast stretches of grass, dragons and “a dude on a horse”. Across the record’s 43-minute runtime, each track makes us want to start all over again and create our very own video game – and that’s exactly what the band have done.

In September, before they even finish their run of concerts across Europe and North America, Agar Agar will unveil their upcoming video game, which will actually use the music from Player Non Player as its soundtrack.

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