Apr 02, 2024

Ago Gazo | What the France Live Shot

At this year’s edition of BISE Festival in Nantes, we had the privilege of meeting Ago Gazo, a group with multiple influences and a captivating style.

Ago Gazo came to life when Togolese hip-hop pioneer Ametek met producer Vidock in the latter’s hometown of Nantes, with the former aiming to blend the folk music of his native Togo with more contemporary influences such as bass and rave. The pair would later become acquainted with another Nantes-based producer, Zeppo, and together, the trio released their self-titled debut album via Abstrack Records in March 2023, before embarking on a series of live shows.

The group draws its inspiration from gazo, a simultaneously celebratory and warlike genre of music that comes from the Ewe people of West Africa. As well as reflecting a rich and vibrant culture, gazo’s rousing percussion, entrancing vocals and rhythmic dances bring its audience into a unique and spellbinding atmosphere.

In the above interview, the members of Ago Gazo share with us their passion for performing live, their pre- and post-gig rituals and the origins of the word “gazo”, as well as a “feverish” anecdote in every sense of the word. So, consider this your chance to discover a one-of-a-kind, up-and-coming band and to immerse yourself in their creativity.

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