agoria you’re not alone still
Jan 16, 2019

Agoria | ‘You’re not Alone’ feat. Blasé

French producer Agoria keeps on teasing his upcoming album Drift to be realeased in March on his own label Sapiens Recordings. The video clip for ‘You’re not Alone’ takes you to the landscapes of Argentina. 

Directed by Hernan Corera & Cornas & Cavia., the video clip is set as an initiatic journey – exploring the tensions between life and death, love and pain… ‘You’re not Alone’ embodies the light at the end of the tunnel, conveying hope with a light-hearted melody and the mantra sung by Blasé.

Following ‘Embrace’ featuring Phoebe Killdeer, this second extract draws the outlines of Agoria’s upcoming album Drift. Discover new outputs live at Coachella.