Jan 22, 2024

Air | A tour to celebrate 25 years of Moon Safari!

On 16th January 1998, Air, the duo comprised of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, released Moon Safari, an album that would revolutionise French electro, not only thanks to its successful marriage of rock and electronic music but also because of its skilful use of acoustic instruments. The singles ‘Sexy Boy’ and ‘All I Need’ were the undisputed hits on the record, which is considered to be one of the greatest electro albums ever made, while Air have continued to produce top-quality music throughout their career since then.

Today, just over 25 years on, Moon Safari has gracefully stood the test of time, remaining an iconic piece of work that has captured the imaginations of entire generations. The duo’s spellbinding rhythms and carefully orchestrated atmosphere, combined with their crisp production and overpowering melodies, have propelled them into a spot among music’s all-time greats.

As a belated celebration of its landmark birthday, Air have decided to bring Moon Safari back to life on stage for the first time in 2024 with an already sold-out European tour, which includes a particularly hotly anticipated show at the Olympia in Paris on 7th March. This run of dates will naturally give the band’s fans the chance to relive the epic sound of their legendary debut album, which redefined the electro landscape and inspired countless artists from both France and around the world.

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