Big Flo & Oli | Dommage

The song ‘Dommage’ is about four characters: Louis, a shy young man who doesn’t dare reveal that he loves a woman; Yasmine, a woman who dreamed of becoming a singer;  Diego, who prefers staying at home; and Pauline, a married woman who is beaten by her husband. The song brings together the four characters with a line that could be considered the moral of the song : « It’s better to live with remorse than regrets”, repeated four times at the end of the song.


A French rap group from Toulouse, founded by brothers Florian and Olivio Ordonez, who were fans of music from a young age. Olivio learned to play trumpet while Florian had drum and piano lessons. Their first video ‘Château de carte’ was posted on YouTube in 2005, while they were only 12 and nine years old respectively. In 2015, they released their first album ‘La Cour des grands’. It was an instant hit. They worked with other renowned rappers like Orelsan, Stromae and Joey Starr. More albums followed: :'La Vraie Vie' (2017), 'La vie de rêve' (2018) and 'Les autres, c'est nous' (2021). The track 'Dommage', co-written with Belgian artist Stromae, won the award for Song of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique.

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