Feu! Chatterton | Monde nouveau

‘Talking with friends, we spoke about challenges like global warming, the exploitation of natural resources to the point of depletion, the idea of always optimising our time and energy and using them productively, the tendency to forget how to play…’ these are the things that motivated Feu ! Chatterton to write the song ‘Monde nouveau’.


Feu ! Chatterton are a French pop-rock band. Their name is a juxtaposition of the expression 'Feu!' ('Fire!') and a homage to the poet Thomas Chatterton. There are five members: Antoine Wilson, Arthur Teboul, Clément Doumic, Raphaël de Pressigny and Sébastien Wolf. From 2012 onwards, they played at numerous festivals including Rock en Seine, les Francofolies and Printemps de Bourges. Feu ! Chatterton were nominated at the Victoires de la musique in 2016 and 2019. Their first two albums, 'Ici le jour (a tout enseveli)' and 'L'Oiseleur', were very successful. In January 2021 they released 'Monde nouveau', from the album 'Palais d'Argile' – a hit! Feu ! Chatterton’s songs are notable for their poetic lyricism and a style imbued with dandyism.

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