Mar 12, 2024

Astral Bakers | A debut album and an exclusive playlist

The story of Astral Bakers is a tale of the obvious: four established musicians meet in the same room and make music as if for the first time. The result? A kind of soft grunge that sits somewhere between Big Thief, Supertramp and an intimate Nirvana performance.

Having featured on Spotify’s RADAR programme as well as receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Libération, France Inter and Les Inrockuptibles, the band released their debut album, The Whole Story, just last month via French label Sage Music. On the LP, we find ten live-recorded tracks that have very quickly established the quartet as one of the essential groups of the French indie landscape in 2024.

To accompany the release of their first full-length record, Astral Bakers have put together an exclusive playlist for What the France, which brings together a few of their own songs as well as a selection of their favourite made-in-France tunes, including tracks by Raoul Vignal, Rouperou, November Ultra, Quasi Qui, Pépite, The Psychotic Monks, Michelle Blades, Moto, Ada Oda, Blumi, Thousand, Hannah Miette ft. Rozi Plain, Le collage de France, Theodora, Christine and the Queens, Fabio Viscogliosi, Crayon, Saint DX, Grand Blanc, Domenique Dumont, Alwis ft. UTO, Hubert Lenoir ft. Bonnie Banane, Pomme ft. Flavien Berger, Laura Cahen, Séverin, Pi Ja Ma, Cate Hortl, Marc Melià, HSRS, Isaac Delusion ft. Olivia Merilahti, Gaétan Nonchalant, Voyou and Corentin Ollivier.


A made in France selection by Astral Bakers

Listen to a selection of made in France tracks, handpicked by Astral Bakers Listen now