Jun 06, 2023

CNM – Certifications Export 2022 | The Playlist !

The Centre National de la Musique (the French National Centre for Music) is revealing the French albums and singles that have found the greatest international success in 2022, announcing gold, platinum and diamond records for 149 artists, representing a 39% increase in the number of “certified” artists compared to 2021. Listen to the playlist compiling the newly certified tracks!

On Wednesday, 10 May 2023, the Centre National de la Musique, in partnership with SNEP (Syndicat national de l’édition phono-graphique – French national syndicate of phonographic publishing), published the certifications for international listening figures for musicians whose work is produced in France. Along with artists who already have an established international following, such as Aya Nakamura, Stromae, Petit Biscuit and Angèle, several musicians certified for the first time, like Orelsan, Sofiane Pamart or Oxlade, are gaining significant audiences abroad.

The international performance of the French and French language music industry demonstrates its great diversity.

French music exports are thriving. In 2022 there were a total of 326 certifications, of which 279 were singles and 47 were albums, representing a significant increase of 38% (all types of certifications taken together) compared to 2021.

With certifications for artists in genres as varied as heavy metal (Carpenter Brut), electro swing (ProleteR with his “April Showers” track), rumba (Fally Ipupa), and pop (l’Impératrice), these results demonstrate the diversity of French music and attest to its great capacity for growth beyond our borders.

The French language is not an obstacle to export

Featured in 68% of certified new releases, the French language is increasingly present in certified tracks and albums (+14% compared to 2021).

Rap dominates international sales for the first time, followed by electro

In a major development, in 2022 rap represented 38% of certified new releases, making it the number one exported genre.

Ofenbach | The French duo with the highest number of international streams

With more than 3 billion streams and several European hits and performances at leading festivals, Ofenbach have gradually established themselves as one of the most exported French groups of the last few years, last year officially becoming the French duo with the most international streams.


The Playlist

Listen to the playlist compiling the newly certified tracks!

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Certifications Export 2022 – What the France

Listen to the complete list of the tracks that were export certified by the CNM in 2022. Listen now