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Mar 04, 2024

Colt | What the France Live Shot

To coincide with the fourth edition of Nantes’s BISE Festival, What the France met up with Coline Debry and Antoine Jorissen from Colt to ask them a few questions about their experience of performing live.

So, ready for a Live Shot with Colt?

The Belgian duo have shone thanks to their creativity and dynamism, establishing themselves as rising stars within the Francophone pop scene in the process. Formerly known as Coline & Toitoine, the pair have built their career upon the foundations of a solid friendship.

At just 23 years old, Debry and Jorissen have already made multiple appearances at gigs and festivals alike, sending crowds wild in Brussels, Paris and even New York. Their biggest hit, ‘Insomnies’, has racked up over 5,000,000 plays on Spotify to date, while their very first EP in French – entitled Mille vies and released last September – marks a promising turning point for the duo, who are dreaming of getting fans excited even further afield.

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