Mar 07, 2024

Dinaa | What the France Live Shot

To coincide with the fourth edition of Nantes’s BISE Festival, What the France met up with Toulouse-born singer-songwriter Dinaa to ask her a few questions about her songwriting process.

So, ready for a Live Shot with Dinaa?

Thanks to the imagination and the energy with which she radiates, Dinaa has become one of the Francophone music scene’s brightest up-and-coming artists.

The 19-year-old unveiled her talent to the world just last year, when she embarked on a music career armed only with her voice and a guitar in order to take her audience on a journey tinged with raw folk and soul sounds. Her artistic output also emanates from a genuine sense of spontaneity, immediately creating a profound connection with similarly sensitive souls, while the gifted youngster’s appeal becomes self-evident as soon as you stumble upon her music, whose opening notes are enough to captivate listeners.

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