Jan 30, 2024

El Gato Negro | A new album and an exclusive playlist!

Axel Matrod, a.k.a. El Gato Negro, is a French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has spent the last 15 years of his life travelling the world in order to immerse himself in the widest possible variety of musical traditions. In 2012, the Toulouse native recorded his debut album, Guitarra y Sombrero, followed by 2015’s Cumbia Libre and 2019’s Ouvre la porte, which was released in partnership with Amnesty International.

This time around, it was in the Senegalese capital city of Dakar that the inexhaustible globetrotter stopped off to record his latest LP, entitled Tigre qui pleure, where, in a combination of West African and Cuban musicians as well as Matrod’s Colombian flute, jazz blends with hip-hop, the traditional merges with the digital and French mixes with Wolof and Spanish. The artist’s fourth album, which was produced by Guts and features collaborations with a number of guests (including Florian Pellissier, Kumar, Orchestra Baobab, Cucurucho Valdés, Pat Kalla, Cyril Atef, iZem, DjeuhDojah and Lieutenant Nicholson), came out just last Friday via Parisian label X-Ray Production.

In conjunction with the release of his new record, El Gato Negro has put together an exclusive playlist for What the France, on which he brings together some of his favourite made-in-France tunes, including tracks by Blundetto, La Dame Blanche, La Chica, iZem, Lucas Santtana, Mathieu Des Longchamps, The Bongo Hop, Martina Camargo, Parranda La Cruz, Zanmari Baré, Blick Bassy, Roseaux, François Puyalto, Kolinga, Matéo Langlois, Pat Kalla, Séverin, Melissa Laveaux, Natascha Rogers, Victor Démé, Eugène Mona, Fixi, Voilaaa, The Dutch Benglos, Dowdelin, CANNIBALE, Cotonete, David Walters, Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare and Manno Charlemagne.

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A Made In France Selection By El Gato Negro

Listen to a selection of made in France tracks, handpicked by El Gato Negro ! Listen now