Jan 05, 2024

Fatoumata Diawara | Her world tour continues!

Fatoumata Diawara, one of the most iconic voices in contemporary African music, has certainly won over a fair few fans on her world tour so far, with her enchanting voice, captivating stage presence and commitment to some crucial social issues stirring up widespread enthusiasm.

Originally from Mali, the renowned singer-songwriter has conquered hearts by breaking down cultural barriers with her transcendent melodies. Following the popular and critical success of her 2018 album, Fenfo (which means “Something to say” in Bambara), Diawara made a remarkable return in 2023 with her latest record, London Ko.

Notably, London Ko contains a single entitled ‘Massa Den’, on which Diawara chose to collaborate with the talented French singer and guitarist -M-, and together, the pair created a track that deftly mixes together different musical styles and offers up an unforgettable listening experience.

Don’t miss your chance to fall under the musical spell of Fatoumata Diawara on the 2024 leg of her world tour, with dates already lined up for the UK, France, the US, Canada and Germany!

In the meantime, why not give Fatoumata a listen now on our Around the World playlist?


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Fatoumata Diawara - World Jul 31, 2024
Schleswig Holstein Festival Lübeck, Germany