Mar 11, 2024

IPNDEGO | What the France Live Shot

For the fourth edition of Nantes’s BISE Festival, What the France met up with French R&B artist IPNDEGO to ask him a few questions about his favourite song topics, his writing process and his relationship with performing live.

At the crossroads of R&B, soul and rap, IPNDEGO has developed not only a singing style that is both melodic and inspired by hip-hop conventions but also lyrics that discuss romantic relationships with a certain softness.

In the above interview, the 26-year-old tells us about the creative methodology that he uses to write his songs – which can involve a specific melody, a particular verse or even total improvisation – as well as talking maturely about how he’d like to diversify his approach and develop the visual aspect of both his records and his concerts. The Nantes native also touches on his pre-show nerves and the release provided by coming face to face with his fans.

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