Jan 18, 2024

Isaac Delusion | Check out their new album and 2024 world tour

After a three-year break, French electro-pop band Isaac Delusion are back with a bang as they prepare to drop their fourth studio LP, Lost and found. Lead singer Loïc Fleury has certainly been through some radical changes in that time, too, following the 2019 release of his group’s previous album, uplifters, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic bringing their European tour to an abrupt halt.

In a bid to escape the stifling nature of city life, Fleury made the spontaneous decision to move to a 18th-century house in Brittany with his family. This sudden transition was what inspired the creation of Lost and found, the first record on which the band’s frontman has been the only person responsible for both production and composition, thereby ushering in a new chapter in the Isaac Delusion story.

Lost and found explores a softer side to the quintet’s sound, offering up a dazzling yet soothing pop experience, while the LP’s clear melodies never come at the cost of the depth of its lyrics, which treat frustration as a driving force. The album tackles various topics, from the search for oneself to dancing on your own in a big city and managing relationships with family and friends, all whilst reflecting on the unchanging nature of love and human bonds.

To celebrate the release of their latest record, whose announcement generated palpable fan excitement for the big day next Friday (26th January), Isaac Delusion have also revealed that they’ll be returning to stages around the world in 2024. With their last tour having been left unfinished, don’t miss the opportunity to see them live this time around in France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark or the UK. Also, while you’re here, why not check them out now on our Pop the Champagne playlist?


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