Feb 09, 2024

Kids Return | A new EP and an exclusive playlist!

Kids Return, the duo comprised of Adrien Rozé and Clément Savoye, have just written the latest chapter of their captivating story with a brand-new project, entitled Lovers War and released last Friday (2nd February). This excellent EP skilfully preserves the essence of the pair’s musical identity by fusing timeless melodies with the duo’s overwhelming passion for ‘60s and ‘70s music.

Recorded live on tape at the prestigious Studios Saint Germain in Paris, Lovers War tells a story through sounds and images, capturing the very spirit of authentic musical art. The opening track, ‘Rails of the Night’, is a dusky, melancholic ballad that is carried by a solitary, vocoded voice and is enhanced by the presence of the Shades of Gospel choir, while a “bright” night falls on the EP’s second song – the eponymous ‘Lovers War’ – an unstoppable, surf-inspired anthem that is magnificently brought to life by a music video directed by Tara-Jay Bangalter and Luca Lellouche.

With Lovers War, Kids Return reassert the importance of time and of the human heart in a fast-paced world, demonstrating not only their craftsmanship but also their ability to transcend generations and to create a musical experience that will last for many years to come. By exploring the roots of music whilst remaining resolutely contemporary, Rozé and Savoye invite their listeners to lose themselves in an enticing and evergreen world.

In the exclusive playlist that Kids Return put together for What the France back in 2022, check out some of the pair’s favourite made-in-France tunes!


A Made In France Selection By Kids Return

Listen to a selection of made in France tracks, carefully handpicked by Kids Return. Listen now