Jan 05, 2024

Kill The Pain | A world tour in 2024!

In March of last year, Kill The Pain, a band that mixes together rock and electronic sounds, unveiled their eponymous debut album to a favourable response from critics and plenty of enthusiasm from fans. Driven by the close collaboration between Phoebe Killdeer and Mélanie Pain – two artists that have already shared multiple musical projects with each other – the pair form a clear and captivating bond on stage.

Throughout 2024, Kill The Pain will be travelling the world on a tour that is already set to be a memorable one, with their itinerary including unmissable stop-offs in Australia and the UK. Endowed with contagious on-stage energy and spellbinding songs, Killdeer and Pain are establishing themselves as a must-see act in today’s music scene.

The duo’s subtle combination of influences ranging from David Bowie to Daft Punk is reflected in their unique style, with such an enthralling fusion of sounds transporting its listeners into a world where rock and electro elements blend together harmoniously to create an unrivalled musical experience.

Ahead of their upcoming world tour, you can check out Kill The Pain now on our Playlist of the Month.

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