Jul 20, 2022

La Caravane Passe | The Caravan is back out on tour!

Formed in, La Caravane Passe  are a French group founded by Toma Feterman and Olivier Llugany. Their musical melting pot mixes gypsy jazz, Balkan brass, alternative rock and electronic music. After a sixth album, called Nomadic Spirit, was released in 2020, Toma Feterman took time out from the band to bring revolution to dancefloors with his his Soviet Suprem project, collaborating along the way with Rachid Taha on the latter’s final album. In 2022 they reunited and reconnected with their nomadic spirit which sees them range across hip-hop, gypsy music, oriental influences and French chanson.

For over 20 years, La Caravane Passe have been traversing France, criss-crossing Europe, and journeying to Asia and the Middle East to bring their unique, traveller’s perspective to audiences from around the world. And, over the years, they have worked with musicians as varied as Rachid Taha, SanseverinoStochelo RosenbergMarko Marković, Erika Serre, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Jacques Gandard, R.wan and Timike.

This year the Caravan is hitting the road again!


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