Feb 16, 2024

Lewis OfMan | A new album to mark his sensational growth!

Cristal Medium Blue, the latest album by unique synth-pop artist Lewis OfMan, marks a new step in the evolution of the Frenchman’s sound.

At the tender age of 11, OfMan – whose alias is inspired by his real-life surname of Delhomme – was already turning the family iPad into a recording studio as he explored the ins and outs of digital audio workstation GarageBand. In 2017, the then 20-year-old made his debut with the EP Yo bene, followed five years later by his very first album, Sonic Poems, which received critical acclaim and attracted the attention of the music industry at large.

OfMan then quickly established himself as an intriguing underdog, working with pop icons such as Carly Rae Jepsen as well as with well-known brands including Gucci, J.M. Weston and Nike. His world tours have even taken him as far as the United States, where he shared the stage with a whole host of renowned artists before performing at Coachella in 2023.

The Paris native’s newest LP draws its essence from some of his key personal experiences. Following an intense touring schedule, OfMan went through a break-up in the summer of 2022, before returning to live with his parents in Greece. There, he decided to dive back into the classics of his teenage years and rediscover psychedelic rock, and, armed with a nylon guitar and an Ensoniq sampler, the artist began writing new songs whilst contemplating the Mediterranean. The resulting record, which includes collaborations with the likes of Empress Of, Gabriela Richardson, Camille Jansen and Sofie Royer, is an invitation to dream and to relive special moments.

In short, then, Cristal Medium Blue by Lewis OfMan represents a significant new stage of the Parisian’s musical journey, revealing his development both as an artist and as a person. What’s more, following its release last Friday (9th February), you can check out this captivating sensory experience for yourself right now.

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