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Mar 14, 2022

L’Impératrice | World Tour 2022

L’Impératrice are a French group formed by a dissatisfied cultural journalist, Charles de Boisseguin, which rapidly become a musical behemoth with huge international potential. The band mix numerous genres, from 70s disco to 90s synth pop, creating their own brand of ‘sophisti-pop’. They released their album Matahari worldwide and then spent two years touring, playing sold-out shows in Europe and America.


A Made In France Selection by L’Impératrice

Listen to a selection of "made in France" tracks, handpicked by L'Impératrice ! Listen now

Now with their latest album Tako Tsubo (which means Octopus trap in Japanese), they are embarking on another global campaign and you can find all the dates on our site!

L'Impératrice - Pop Jul 01, 2022 → Jul 03, 2022
Down the Rabbit Hole Beuningen, The Netherlands
L'Impératrice Jul 01, 2022 → Jul 03, 2022
, The Netherlands
L'Impératrice - Pop Jul 14, 2022
Pori Jazz Pori, Finland
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 04, 2022 → Aug 06, 2022
Appletree Garden Festival Diepholz, Germany
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 17, 2022 → Aug 20, 2022
Paredes de Coura Festival Paredes de Coura, Portugal
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 29, 2022
Astra KulturHaus Berlin, Germany
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 30, 2022
Praga Centrum Warsaw, Poland