Feb 23, 2024

Malted Milk | A new album to celebrate their 25-year career

Having started out as a blues duo before becoming an authentic soul band, French outfit Malted Milk continue to electrify the music scene with their creativity to this very day – 25 years on from the release of their debut album – and it is quite literally today that the group have chosen to return with a new LP, entitled 1975.

1975 is a deeply intimate project that tells a selection of stories from the point of view of the band’s lead singer, Arnaud Fradin, exploring societal issues characterised by abuses of power, indifference and concerns surrounding personal freedom.

The mood of the record swings between clear-headedness, anger and optimism across eight tracks inspired not only by soul and funk but also by more modern genres such as disco and folk, with the album marking a turning point for the group, who are now aiming “to talk openly about uncomfortable subjects and to honestly reflect their passion for American and pop music”.

To give yourself a taster of the rest of their new album, why not check out the track ‘Love for yourself’ by Malted Milk on our Kiss My Jazz playlist?


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