Dec 19, 2023

Merry Chic Mas | Listen to our Xmas playlists!

Only few days until we open our presents…  we hope you’ve been good this year!

Instead of listening to Mariah Carey and Wham! on repeat, you could try our ‘Made in France’ selection to get into the Xmas mood with our Merry Chic Mas New School playlist!

Forget the standard Christmas carols and listen to new music from November Ultra, Arthur Satàn, Maxwell Farrington, Cœur de Pirate, Beach Bugs, Patrick Bruel, Sarah Rebecca & Naeleck Black M, Ibrahim Maalouf, Louane, Kendji Girac, Alkpote, DJ Snake, Carla Bruni, Rone and Hyphen Hypen, who all decided to celebrate the festival season their own way. Find out how each artist captures the magic of the season through songs that represent their own unique styles, whether the genre is pop, hip-hop, dance music, rock or jazz!


Merry Chic Mas – New School

Listen to a selection of modern Christmas tracks, produced in France! Listen now

But if you’re feeling more nostalgic, you can also stick on our ‘Old School’ version and get into the spirit of Xmas past!



Merry Chic Mas – Old School

Listen to a selection of vintage Christmas tracks, produced in France ! Listen now

Happy Xmas to all of you!