Dec 21, 2023

Michael Canitrot | Monumental Tour celebrates Eiffel

A unique artistic performance is set to take place at the Eiffel Tower next Wednesday (27th December), as French DJ Michael Canitrot will be presenting a bold fusion of heritage and electronic music to honour the centenary of the passing of Gustave Eiffel. The event, which will mark the end of a year full of tributes to the civil engineer, will be broadcast both on TV and on social media and will be held in partnership with What the France.

French DJ and producer Michael Canitrot.

About the Monumental Tour

With support from the Institut de France as well as from the Commission nationale française pour l’UNESCO, the Monumental Tour is an innovative project that intertwines electronic music with heritage and digital art, offering up a contemporary way of taking in France’s historical monuments. The tour’s previous stop-offs at locations as prestigious as the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, the Palais-Royal and Nancy’s Place Stanislas have all received high acclaim, and next Wednesday’s concert similarly promises to captivate its audience with the chance to rediscover France’s most famous landmark.

The aforementioned Canitrot is due to orchestrate an unprecedented performance from the tower locally nicknamed ‘The Iron Lady’, including a spellbinding DJ set, a spectacular light show and guest appearances from artists such as the ‘Spectre’ choir supported by What the France – singer Yana Mann, dancer Ablaye Diop and pianist Yann Dulché, making for an original creation that will honour the audacity of Gustave Eiffel himself.

Actor Philippe Torreton will also lend his voice to Eiffel to emotionally guide spectators through what will be an artistic and historical journey. The concert, entitled Monumental Tour célèbre Eiffel (‘Monumental Tour celebrates Eiffel’), will be premiered on the YouTube and Facebook pages of both Michael Canitrot and the Eiffel Tower at 21:00 CET on 27th December, before being shown on French free-to-air TV channel CStar at 22:50 CET that evening and later on C8, another French free-to-air TV channel, as well as on MyCanal, a free streaming service for Canal+ subscribers.

While you wait for the big night, why not check out the exclusive playlist that Michael Canitrot put together for What the France back in 2021 or, alternatively, his new compilation, entitled Cycle, which he released just last Friday?


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