Mar 28, 2024

Mo’ Kalamity | A new EP and an exclusive playlist!

French roots reggae singer Mo’Kalamity is back with her latest album, “Shine,” which has been available since March 1st on her own label, Sofia Thea Records.

Originally from Santiago, Cape Verde, Monica Tavares moved to France at the age of five when her parents decided to leave the island in search of better living conditions. The future singer grew up in the Paris region and discovered various music genres during her teenage years, including soul, gospel, blues, and jazz. She ultimately chose reggae and began her career as a backing vocalist for reggae artist King Malik before venturing out on her own in 2002. Two years later, the group The Wizards was formed, and Mo’Kalamity’s first album, “Warriors of Light,” was released in 2006, followed three years later by the album “Deeper Revolution.” In 2010, she was nominated in three categories at the annual Cabo Verde Awards. In 2013, the artist released the album “Freedom Of The Soul,” and four years later, Mo’Kalamity traveled to Jamaica where she recorded the album “One Love Vibration” in Kingston, collaborating with legendary local musicians Sly & Robbie. The following year, she appeared on a single titled “Le Pouvoir” in a duet with the famous Ivorian singer Tiken Jah Fakoly. Then she released the track “Diom Gnakou Fi” with Senegalese artist Cheikh Ibra Fam in 2022, before releasing her fifth album, “Shine,” this year.

For What the France, Mo’Kalamity has curated an exclusive playlist featuring some of her own tracks as well as several “made in France” favorites. The lineup includes songs performed by Guillaume “Stepper” Briard & Taxi Gang, Bitty McLean, Kubix, Keith & Tex, Clinton Fearon, Big Red & DJ Absurd, Queen Omega & Lion’s Flow, Mirna & Derajah, Biga*Ranx, Tiken Jah Fakoly & Winston McAnuff, Vanzo, Yaniss Odua, Johnny Osbourne, Alpha Blondy, Alam, Takana Zion, Max Romeo, Mystical Faya, Cheikh Ibra Fam, Lyricson, Tiwony & Meta Dia, Tu Shung Peng & Bongo, and Ken Boothe.

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A made in France selection by Mo’Kalamity

Listen to a selection of made in France tracks, handpicked by Mo'Kalamity ! Listen now