Release manege_what_the_france Stany | His debut single, ‘Only You’, has over a million views in only three days! His tunes have been making millions of people dance over the past few years, but he had to wait until October 2022 to release his debut single! ... Event IG Square – What The France What The France X Kili Presents | The next live event in London with Silly Boy Blue, UTO & Quasi Qui The latest edition of London’s newest French music night is coming to London in November. What The France has once again partnered with ... Award dub_inc_what_the_france Benjamin Epps | Prize for ‘Best International Flow’ at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2022 The BET Hip Hop Awards 2022 took place on 4th October in Atlanta (US), before being broadcast on the BET channel on 7th October. Two French ... Curator dub_inc_what_the_france-2 Dub Inc | A new album and an exclusive playlist for What The France! Reggae sounds overlaid with electronic touches and Eastern harmonies delivered in their own unique way, political lyrics envisioning a future ... Video die_welt_von_morgen_what_the_france Le monde de demain | Series on Arte tells the stories of NTM and DJ Dee Nasty Le Monde De Demain follows four youngsters from the Parisian suburbs and their journey to the peak of the hip-hop scene of the 80s and 90s. The ... Video A classical voyage with… Emmanuelle Bertrand et Pascale Amoyel “A classical voyage with…Emmanuelle Bertrand et Pascale Amoyel” For the tenth episode of “A classical voyage with…” , the What the France team cellist Emmanuelle Bertrand and pianist Pascal ... Curator charlie_winston_what_the_france-2 Charlie Winston | A new album and an exclusive playlist for What The France! As I Am, Charlie Winston‘s fifth album, the first for the Tôt ou Tard label, was conceived at a particular moment: behind the closed doors... Release BLACK LILYS – New Era Black Lilys | New album ‘New Era’ On New Era, French group Black Lilys present pop music that steers a path between strength and vulnerability. Camille’s voice is paired ... Release Guts_fullband_what_the_france (1) Guts | New album ‘Estrellas’, takes him from Cuba to Senegal A 20th-century poet wrote: “the world is everywhere”. Guts confirms it by gathering “the world” is his boat studio La ... Video tonight_what_the_france-2 Once Upon A Track – ‘Tonight’ by Yuksek In the latest episode of Once Upon A Track with Mixmag : ‘Tonight’, the story of Yuksek ’s hit track.