Aug 02, 2022

Nova Twins | World tour

Nova Twins are going back out on the road in support of new album Supernova, released in June on French label BMG. The new songs see them experiment with different genres and capture the tension and the redemption they experienced during the pandemic.

Georgia South‘s thunderous bass and Amy Love‘s incisive vocals are Nova Twins’ driving force. Their songs elude any categorisation and smash formats with their anti-conformism. They are peerless in the way they combine the heavy bass sound with punk, rock and rap. Inspiration comes from anywhere: from N.E.R.D. to Rage Against The Machine via The Prodigy, Missy Elliott and Princess Nokia – all their influences are gathered together and beaten into powerful new shapes.


Rock around the Eiffel

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When you’ve never seen yourself in music, there’s an opportunity to build something from nothing. To make tracks that don’t sound directly like anyone else’s. “We had to work out our
identities within music because we never had a reflection,” says Georgia South, Nova Twins bassist. “This is a 21st-century take on rock. It’s so many things.” Singer and guitarist Amy Love
says, “It’s the NOVA sound.”

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