Mar 21, 2024

Once Upon a Masterpiece | Check out the story behind Carmen!

What the France presents Once Upon a Masterpiece, a new video series shining a light on the stories behind the biggest hits of the French classical repertoire! In this opening episode, check out the story behind the most played French opera in the world: Georges Bizet’s Carmen.

In doing so, you’ll embark on a journey through time that will immerse you in a 19th-century culture tinged not only with exoticism but also with a puritan mindset that would turn Carmen into a true scandal before this sensual, colourful opera eventually achieved international success – although only after its composer’s untimely death.

This video was directed by agency 3foisC, with art direction by Christophe Cornubert, narration by David Solinhac and illustrations and motion design by Paul Bridot.

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