May 17, 2019

Polo & Pan | The World Tour continues

In 2018, the band Polo & Pan has already known an amazing success in USA.The band reunited thousands fans and realized a tour in the biggest cities as Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. In Manhattan, their show was sold out, only 2 days after they open the sale.

For 2019 Polo & Pan came back stronger! They played at Coachella with 11 others made-in-France bands and offered us a brilliant show combining electronic music and instruments which have draw attention of the Los Angeles Times in his article ‘What Coachella taught us about the future of dance music’:

« Several other acts tried similar live-band setups, from Polo & Pan’s humid electro-cumbia to Gorgon City’s diva-house orchestrations and Parcels’ trim, Daft Punk-produced disco-rock. »

Billboard listed them among the 15 artists to follow at Coachella 2019 and the duo is also among the 10 artists to see in Ones to Watch recommendation.

Little Story….

Residents DJ, Polocorp ( Paul Armand-Delille) and Peter Pan (Alexandre Grynszpan) met behind Le Baron’s turntables, a Parisian club. Both had the same vision: build bridges between different musical style and offer efficient tracks. This common passion linked them and formed Polo & Pan. A first collaboration the Rivolta EP (Hamburger Records), out in 2013. Rivolta was an instant success in Paris and Polo & Pan are required in all clubs. The label and the independant publishing house Ekler’o’Shock joined the adventure beside Hamburger Records: all their discography are co-produced with them. Since their first album Caravelle, distribution is done by Caroline International / Universal Music Group.

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