Apr 14, 2022

Riopy | European Tour

Jean-Philippe RIOPY was born in 1983 and quickly discovered his calling as a pianist. Throughout his unusual and difficult childhood, he played his instrument in totally self-taught, compulsive way. As soon as he reached adulthood, he moved away to London and focused his whole life around music. As a result of several encounters, including with Chris Martin of Coldplay, he started writing for Hollywood film trailers (Danish Girl, The Shape of water, Mr Turner) and international advertising campaigns (Samsung, Armani, Ikea, Peugeot…).

He became a Young Steinway Artist and recorded his compositions on three albums: RIOPY (2018), Tree Of Light (2019) and Blissen (2021).  In the US, the Calm and One Peloton platforms have given heavy support to RIOPY, with the result that he has stayed in the Billboard top 8 since June 2020.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have played shows in wonderful places. There are too many to list them all, but playing at the Royal Opera House in London or the Hollywell Music Room in Oxford was an honour. And being able to entertain my fans in the mythical Château Marmont in Hollywood and the Four Seasons Hotel on the Côte d’Azur has left me with some fantastic memories.”

RIOPY’s music has calming and beneficial qualities for his fans and an ever-increasing international audience. It’s on this approach, linked to mediation, that RIOPY is focusing on now, with a series of informative podcasts on the importance of brain waves; it’s an exploration that will be further built on in 2022 with new live shows and releases.


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RIOPY will be playing shows in Germany and the UK