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Feb 06, 2024

Rone | Electro meets orchestra for a unique symphony in London!

In the world of music, it’s often the boldest partnerships that forge the most memorable creations, and the story of French electronic maestro Rone is a perfect example of this.

The producer, who took less than a decade to establish himself as one of the cornerstones of the French electro scene, has successfully pushed the boundaries of his genre by collaborating with acts as renowned as The National, Étienne Daho, Jean-Michel Jarre, Michel Gondry, François Marry (from Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains) and Alain Damasio, but it was thanks to his fruitful partnership with skilled composer and arranger Romain Allender that the self-taught and highly dexterous musician eventually crossed the divide between the electronic and the orchestral, much to the delight of his fans.

In 2017, the Philharmonie de Paris invited Rone to fuse his captivating brand of electro with the grandeur of their orchestra, and, despite his initial hesitation, the artist found his ideal collaborator in the form of Allender, who has notably had a hand in award-winning films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Shape of Water. Their first symphony together, entitled Motion and recorded alongside French orchestra Les Siècles, paved the way for electro to dance in harmony with acoustic music.

Fresh off the back of this success, Rone (whose real name is Erwan Castex) and Allender teamed up with the Orchestre National de Lyon in June 2021 to create L(oo)ping, an electro-classic concert woven from light, shade, intimacy and soaring orchestrals that left its audience at the Auditorium Maurice-Ravel captivated and went on to receive widespread critical acclaim. The eponymous film, recorded in Dolby Atmos, fully immerses its viewers in the pair’s musical chemistry, while the 2023 live recording adds another layer to this collaborative endeavour.

The 43-year-old’s spellbinding journey is now about to take on a whole new dimension as he prepares to conquer London on 10th March. Accompanied by the London Contemporary Orchestra and conducted by Robert Ames, Rone will perform the UK premiere of L(oo)ping at the Barbican Centre in an event that promises an exceptional musical experience, combining Rone’s distinctive electro with the evocative power of a live orchestra.

Ahead of his upcoming London performance, you can check out the track ‘Bora Vocal – Live with ONL’ by Rone now on our Keep it Classique playlist.


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