Jan 25, 2021

Shygirl | New video clip ‘Tasty’

With her acclaimed EP ALIAS (Because Music), fashion designer, DJ and rapper Blane Muise threw herself into an exploration of the most progressive aspects of pop culture under the name Shygirl. The songs’ producer Oscar Scheller was inspired to shape single ‘TASTY’ into a euphoric pop anthem, and the video – conceived by Shygirl herself and Mischa Notcutt – pitches her into an expansive creative world. ‘TASTY’ is a fairytale where everything appears to be perfect.

A member of London band Nuxxe, Shygirl here steps out on her own with a persona bathed in kitsch and irony. Whether as a playful nymph, a sexual provocateur or self-aware, narcissistic fashionista, she unveils her many facets. “For me, music is about embracing all the aspects of my personality.” Somewhere between deconstructed hip-hop and pop, Shygirl considers herself a post-modern artist working in a post-genre era.

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