Feb 14, 2022

WOODKID | World Tour

Yoann Lemoine, better known under the name Woodkid, is a French singer-songwriter, director and graphic designer. His debut album The Golden Age, which was released in 2013 and sold more than 800,000 copies, earned him the praise of numerous critics. The second track released from the album, ‘Run Boy Run’, became the most listened-to track by the musician. The video, directed by Lemoine, led to him receiving the ‘Best Director of the Year’ award from prestigious American association MVPA (Music Video Production Association). He was also nominated for ‘Best Video’ at the 2013 Grammy Award. He made his name with these early successes, placing the spotlight on the excellence of both his musical and visual work, and he went on to win an award for his live show at the Victoires de la Musique in 2014.

Seven years later he returned with S16, an 11-track album on which he explored subjects that are dear to him: questions of scale, of humanity and industry and individual responsibility for the state of the world. The album’s title refers to the chemical symbol and atomic number of sulphur, an essential element for all life but which is also easily combustible.

Having unveiled a reworked version of his track ‘Iron’ ten years after its initial release, followed by the single ‘Guns For Hire’ – from the soundtrack to Netflix series Arcane: League Of Legends – in 2021, Woodkid is now embarking on a world tour!


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