Pomme | Les séquoias

‘Les séquoias’ is  described by Pomme as a “fuzzy song”. “The song was just talking about some vague thing, the more it went on, the more I realized that I felt like I was talking about the planet and what we are doing to the planet. It gradually became in my head a song that talks about ecology”.


Pomme is a French singer who was born in 1996. She started making music at the age of six, learning how to read music and joining a choir. She developed a knowledge of music thanks to those closest to her: her mother listened to French pop music and a friend of her father introduced her to American folk. These two styles influenced her music. The song ‘Les séquoias’ is taken from her album “Les Failles”, which earned her a Victoires de la Musique prize for best newcomer in 2020. The following year she won the Victoire for Female Artist of the Year.

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