Gauvain Sers | Y’a plus de saisons

With ‘Y’a plus de saisons’, Gauvain Sers sounds the alarm about the climate emergency facing the planet.


Gauvain Sers is a French singer-songwriter. In 2016, he was discovered by famous singer Renaud who invited him to be the support act on his tour. This meeting allowed him to launch his career. Things moved quickly and he released the song 'Pourvu', followed by an eponymous debut album in 2017. Two years later, the artist released his second album 'Les Oubliés'. In keeping with the title of the album, which means ‘the forgotten’, the artist decided to tour small, ‘forgotten’ French towns. In 2021, he released a third album, 'Ta place dans le monde', on which he depicts Paris, its suburbs and its inhabitants. It’s an album with a social conscience, imbued with poetic realism.

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