Yaniss Odua & Dub Inc | Faut-il encore des preuves ?

On the track ‘Faut-il encore des preuves ?’, Yaniss Odua teams up with Dub Inc, one of France’s most iconic reggae bands, to comment on the current state of the planet.

About the artist

Yaniss Odua is a Martinican singer who, for over 20 years now, has written tunes that get his listeners both dancing and thinking. Showing the same enthusiasm as ever, the artist takes a stand on a number of social issues, with each of his songs reflecting his open-mindedness and kindness. Odua’s biggest hits include ‘La caraïbe’, ‘Rouge jaune vert’ and ‘Chalawa’, which combine the roots of reggae with more modern sounds, and his latest album, Stay High, which came out on 13th May 2022, is no exception to this rule.

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