Hoshi | Enfants du danger

Hoshi describes an unruffled, self-centred and nonchalant generation that is unconcerned about the good of the planet and only think about themselves.


Hoshi, real name Mathilde Gerner, is a French singer-songwriter born in 1996. Fascinated by Japan, she chose the name ‘Hoshi’, which means ‘star’ in Japanese, as her stage name. From a young age, she had piano and guitar lessons and started writing music. She started out sharing covers online, where she was discovered by TV show The Voice. She was spotted by a label and her first single, ‘Comment Je Vais Faire’, was released in 2017. Her debut album, Il suffit d’y croire, earned her a Victoires de la Musique nomination. Her album Soleil Levant, written during lockdown, was an instant hit. Hoshi delivers personal and political lyrics over pop-rock and rap-inspired rhythms.

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