Tryo, avec Alain Souchon, Pierre Souchon et Ours | 2050-2100 XXV

“2050-2100” is a song that takes us into the future to imagine the world of tomorrow. The text highlights the ecological message, and also advocates tolerance and peace in the world, evoking the selfishness of man who thinks only of the present moment.


Tryo is a French group founded in 1995. Influenced by reggae, it later opened up to other musical trends from around the world. The members of Tryo have a committed approach to music. They are also reluctant to appear in the media, preferring to build their reputation on word-of-mouth. In 2020, the band celebrated twenty-five years in the music business, releasing a double album entitled XXV, featuring a selection of their old songs reinterpreted with contributions from leading French artists. On the track "2050- 2100 XXV", Tryo invited Alain Souchon and his sons, Pierre Souchon and Ours.

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