Tryo ft. Alain Souchon, Pierre Souchon and Ours | 2050-2100 XXV

2050-2100 XXV’ is a song that looks to the future in order to imagine what the world of tomorrow will look like. With a focus on the climate crisis, the lyrics preach tolerance and world peace by bringing up the selfishness of humans, who only ever think about the present moment.

About the band

Founded in 1995, Tryo are a French band that, although initially influenced by reggae, would later open themselves up to other musical movements from all around the world. As well as taking a politically engaged approach to music, the group’s members are reticent to appear in the media, preferring to build their fame from word of mouth. In 2020, the five-piece celebrated their 25th anniversary by releasing a double album entitled XXV, on which they teamed up with some of France’s biggest artists to revisit a selection of their older songs. On the track ‘2050-2100 XXV’, Tryo were joined by Alain Souchon and his two sons, Pierre and Charles (the latter of whom performs under the pseudonym Ours).

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