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Nov 24, 2023

Breakbot | Maho Rasop Festival Bangkok

French producer, Dj, and Musician Breakbot is set to perform at Maho rasop Festival Bangkok alongside fellow electronic Dj and repeat collaborator Irfane.

Breakbot is a renowned French producer celebrated for his infectious French house and nu-disco music styles. His bright and fresh musical tones have made him a notable figure in the electronic music scene. Among his summer hits is “Baby I’m Yours,” featuring Irfane Khan-Acito, who will be part of this set.

About Maho Rasop Festival

Maho Rasop is an international independent music festival in Bangkok, Thailand, created by 3 leading concert promoters — HAVE YOU HEARD?, Seen Scene Space and Fungjai. Offering eclectic curation focused on quality live performances. It pushes the boundaries of local independent music tastes while maintaining international production standards, aiming to expand the global independent music scene, unlocking people’s listening comfort zone. As such, the presence of Breakbot and Irfane is an exciting opportunity to expose local attendees to some of our homegrown French talent.

The festival is taking place on the first weekend of December from the 2nd to 3rd



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