Apr 18, 2019

Michelle Blades | New album and on tour in the US

Mexican-Panamanian singer/songwriter and self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Michelle Blades just released her album Visitor and she will be on tour in the US in May !

Visitor Album

Out on March 29th, Visitor feels like a culmination of her personal and familial history, a genre-bending ode to where she has come from.

Situated within a 70s-style aesthetic of protest and political struggle, the record finds Blades both confident and fierce. She has created an experimental album that aims to explore not just musical conventions but those of language and culture too.

Listen to Visitor Album

Nowhere is this clearer than opening track, ‘Politic!’ an art-rock track with a pervasive energy !

US Tour Dates

Michelle Blades will be performing in the United States in May, with The Dove & The Wolf !

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