Feb 14, 2024

Flavien Berger | A new album and an exclusive playlist!

Last October, Flavien Berger enchanted our senses with the masterpiece Music for Maison d’en Face, a spellbinding symphony that charmed us with its bewitching melodies and emotionally rich harmonies.

After giving us a delicate taste of what was to come next with the captivating tracks ‘sapon’ and ‘plongereuse’, Berger finally unveiled yet another gem of an album, entitled contrebande 02. le disque de l’été, last Friday (9th February) via the prestigious label Pan European Recording.

Released in the dead of winter despite the latter part of its name meaning “the album of the summer”, the LP provides a touch of audacity and humour, defying conventions with an insolent elegance. contrebande 02 does present itself as a true summer record, though, paving the way for those long, hot days with a collection of enthralling tales, be it a solitary bike ride amidst a sea breeze on ‘sapon’, a euphoric dive underwater – as well as under the influence – on ‘plongereuse’ or an afternoon spent lazing at water’s edge on ‘rivière’. Led by Berger’s poetic and visionary way with words, each track on the album is an invitation to get away from it all.

In short, then, contrebande 02. le disque de l’été is an authentic sensory journey full of soothing, sunny sounds that evoke feelings of tranquillity and softness, thereby offering up a genuine balm for the soul to help us all endure the gloom of winter.

In the exclusive playlist that Flavien Berger put together for What the France back in 2019, check out some of the artist’s favourite made-in-France tunes!

WTF—Cover-Collab_Flavien Berger

A Made In France Selection By Flavien Berger

Listen to a selection of made in France tracks handpicked by Flavien Berger. Listen now